Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marble?

Marble is most commonly used for flooring. The stone is very beautiful and distinguished which will make any interior pop out. Other uses consist of countertops, fireplace facings, and walls. The natural characteristics make for a decorous and classic installation. It is not commonly used outdoors.

What is Granite?

Granite is often used for flooring, countertops, and other surfaces that will endure heavy usage. It is one of the strongest consumer stones while also being visually beautiful. Granite is very popular largely because of its natural ability to resist abrasion, weathering, and scratching. Regular utensils are less hard than the granite itself which makes it perfect for kitchens.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is typically used for countertops or a kitchen backsplash. Quartz is a very viable alternative to the natural stone countertops (Marble & Granite). It is manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone or to have its own unique appearance. To be clear, the stone is man-made using around 90% of ground quartz and 10% resin/pigment. A classic case of human ingenuity, many people prefer quartz for its more modern look and very strong properties.

How do I protect my marble from damage?

Marble is softer and more sensitive then granite or quartz. West Coast Marble & Granite recommends taking preventative measures to protect your marble countertops. If you are cutting any fruits that contain acidity it is best to place them on a cutting board. If you spill anything on the countertop, clean it up immediately. Be diligent about cleaning your marble often. Make sure this is done with a mild or natural soap with neutral pH. Marble can take excessive amounts of heat but can still be damaged so its best to avoid this situation.

How do I protect my granite from damage?

Granite is very durable but will still require maintenance in order to maintain top quality. Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals when cleaning the surface (chlorine bleach, abrasive cleaners, ammonia, vinegar, or citrus). If granite is put under extreme abuse it will chip so make sure not to apply massive amounts of force. Granite withstands scratches very well due to the hardness ranking of the natural stone. Granite like marble does not burn easily but it is not recommended to place anything hot on the surface, instead place a mat.

How do I protect my quartz from damage?

Quartz is very stain resistant but it is important to avoid spillage because the repair process can be a large hassle. It will require the same routine cleaning as marble and granite and follows the same rules. Do not use anything acidic or abrasive to clean it. A soft rag, neutral dish soap, and water will usually clean up any mess on quartz. An important note is to avoid getting cooking grease on quartz at all costs because it will leave a mark on your counter. If water is left on quartz for a long time then rings will begin to form which will need to be cleaned with something more powerful like windex. (Make sure you immediately clean the windex up after you have finished using it or this will create a bigger problem). As with other stones, make sure to use a hot pad of some sort to prevent a sudden change in temperature with pots and also use cutting boards.

What is our Procedure?

1. Measurements of job are taken. (We will do this)

2. Estimate of job is given. (We always keep the customer in mind and give reasonable prices)

3. Contract is signed. (Job will begin)

4. Deposit is paid. (Material to be paid in full)

5. Fabrication is completed. (Slab has been manufactured and is ready to be installed)

6. Installation is completed. (Remaining balance must be paid)

How can I make an appointment?

In order to make an appointment simply email us at, call us at (805) 485-4900, or give us a vist at 2813 E. Ventura Blvd. Oxnard, CA during the times provided in our contact page.

Do we apply sealer on all natural stones?

Yes, after we install your natural stone, we will apply sealer. Once the process is finished you will not need to reapply more for another 6-8 years. *Quartz does not qualify as a natural stone and therefore you will not need to apply sealer*

Does West Coast Marble & Granite provide sealer?

We sell sealer at our slab yard in Oxnard after the first layer has worn off.

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