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 West Coast Marble and Granite has been in the business for more than 25 years, in the San Fernando Valley and Ventura counties. We specialyze in kitchen counters, vanity tops, jacuzzi tops, bathrooms and shower floors, fire places and flooring, main entry, columns and more . Either you are remodeling or upgrading your home, or even a new construction. There is no problem, we can do it at good price and at your complete satisfaction. Come and visit our showrooms today.


New Trends in Kitchen

New Trends In Kitchen

 The dream kitchens of today aren’t about the sexiest six-burner range or the most exotic countertop material. As cooking has returned to center stage and remodeling budgets have sobered, the kitchen island is nurturing family togetherness and reviving casual entertaining.

In kitchens with a small footprint, glass tiles, quartz counters and dish drawers are adding sparkle and practicality. The kitchen of 2013 has soul.

New Trends in floors

Use Concrete Slab as Finished Flooring


Instead of covering the concrete with wood carpet or vinyl flooring, builders are making them functional and decorative. Homeowners can benefit from this funky flooring approach in several ways, including lower construction costs, freedom from allergens that can get trapped in carpets, and a flooring solution that is easily changeable. These are benefits the homeowner can enjoy while living in the home, and